Araw ng Lahing Pilipino…

The night before this special event, Topper felt quite apprehensive about his number. “What if I get clipped?” he asked. I felt his apprehension, yet I was amused at his determination to do his work well. To encourage him, I  shared to Topper about doing his best, not to please the audience, but to enjoy the dance in which he and his friends were so challenged to do well. Moments before their number, he felt more nervous! I not only sensed it, but I saw it! But  when it was time, and it was the first time TMA would ever have a Filipiana classic as a number by homeschoolers, one would never suspect his apprehension! What a trooper! They were all very cute on stage! These children who danced to the challenge of those two bamboo poles, were once our pre-schoolers, tiny tots…homeschoolers!


Author: ASCT

I am just a homeschooling mom to our youngest , Topper! How's that? On the professional side, I am a Special Ed teacher, have been since 1989...For the longest time I taught in the pre-school, handling children with various exceptionalities. I guess if you have been teaching for a long time then you are then equipped with not just academic skills but a lot of other more important skills like...parenting!

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