Don’t Ask About The Gap…

Look it has been 5 years since I last posted a blog here! It’s so amazing I discovered this blog while internet surfing.  Why didn’t I go on?  I did, in another blog…and then another blog…don’t ask my why. It’s just it.  Shame, shame , shame…look at all the boys’ pictures 5 years ago…then I stopped.  Many, many life changing events took place in between. All events are life changing of course. What isn’t?

I used to think that people will enjoy my entries. But this will change. I am continuing so that my kids will enjoy reading on.  My goal audience…my children. All of them. So let’s begin again.

It’s April 9, 2015. It’s Thursday and it is a holiday.  Topper and I spent a part of this morning in a coffee shop in Shangri-La.  He studied while I agonised over passwords i couldn’t remember. I am such a klutz with passwords. Who needs passwords?  Why can’t  computers  give up the passwords when it senses the owner struggling with guesses?  Thank God we had a popular shop upstairs that fixed my dilemma.  Next disaster, our wifi stick had a password I also could not remember. Topper couldn’t log in, couldn’t access his bilingual dictionary.   Lesson learned , use very easy passwords. Stop imagining that access is so precious  that sharing is not allowed. Just put very easy passwords.

At home, all is quiet. There are no passwords at home. What’s my next challenge?


Author: ASCT

I am just a homeschooling mom to our youngest , Topper! How's that? On the professional side, I am a Special Ed teacher, have been since 1989...For the longest time I taught in the pre-school, handling children with various exceptionalities. I guess if you have been teaching for a long time then you are then equipped with not just academic skills but a lot of other more important skills like...parenting!

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