2017’s Challenges

We don’t know what these’ll be. Last year was very kind because of God’s grace! My big fault is  I  missed out on sharing my adventures…too busy? Yes…too busy. So let’s try once again this year. I have a feeling this year will be  more engaging and interesting. We can’t do anything on our own. You know what I mean. I depend  so much on our Lord God. But I am not going to be so preachy. I just want to share with you that behind my every movement is dependence on the Lord. He is the Author and Perfecter of my faith.


Author: ASCT

I am just a homeschooling mom to our youngest , Topper! How's that? On the professional side, I am a Special Ed teacher, have been since 1989...For the longest time I taught in the pre-school, handling children with various exceptionalities. I guess if you have been teaching for a long time then you are then equipped with not just academic skills but a lot of other more important skills like...parenting!

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