3 Years Later…

Here I go again... It's 2016 and my blog is active again! Guess what, 2016 is about to end! So, what has been happening and why is my blog like this? Well, talk to any person with adhd and this is what you get. I am busy so it is a privilege to sit down and blog. Might as well say, I am lucky to be able to blog. That means I have time. Chris suggested I get my blog active again. For what? For who? Who will care? Never mind. Again, so here I am reviving my blog which I never shared to anyone. Good luck!  


Author: ASCT

I am just a homeschooling mom to our youngest , Topper! How's that? On the professional side, I am a Special Ed teacher, have been since 1989...For the longest time I taught in the pre-school, handling children with various exceptionalities. I guess if you have been teaching for a long time then you are then equipped with not just academic skills but a lot of other more important skills like...parenting!

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