Sunday Devotion

I’m listening to: Psalms 9.

I praise God for this convenient app. 


2017 Begins

Woooh…today is the first day of a brand new year. It seems  the same as yesterday. But there will be many reminders that’ll pound it on like my journal. I said goodbye to 2016 and in my heart I felt very thankful for our family. The year was very kind to us, to say the least. Relatives did pass on, but this is life, the sad part of life. And this part made me sentimental though. I won’t see them here on earth again. I never did see them often in the past. I guess it is just the thought that makes it all so final.

So what is this year going to be like? I do not know. But definitely my life will revolve around family, work, furbabies, malling, homeschool tasks and adventures for a teenager, better cooking, and my walk with the Lord. I pray to make each aspect a better version of last year’s and I plan not to forget this goal. Last year is not going to be the same this year. I plan to add health to my blog categories so let’s make this big.

I keep reminding myself of what our Lord says in…

Psalms 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.

     So let us walk uprightly. These are big words, big challenges…yet why not? Walking upright is obedience to the Lord. Let’s be at it!   HAPPY NEW YEAR !  MAY GOD TRULY BLESS US… YET LET US BE MORE OF BLESSINGS THIS YEAR!


Looking Back…


The Old TMA Office… 2013

Topper and Rain used to pretend to be office workers after all staff had left for home. In this particular evening, they pretended to be space astronauts. I enjoyed listening to their pretend exchange. They were simply children doing role play. This moment would never be repeated by the two. But we do have a picture to capture that playful moment!


Don’t Ask About The Gap…

Look it has been 5 years since I last posted a blog here! It’s so amazing I discovered this blog while internet surfing.  Why didn’t I go on?  I did, in another blog…and then another blog…don’t ask my why. It’s just it.  Shame, shame , shame…look at all the boys’ pictures 5 years ago…then I stopped.  Many, many life changing events took place in between. All events are life changing of course. What isn’t?

I used to think that people will enjoy my entries. But this will change. I am continuing so that my kids will enjoy reading on.  My goal audience…my children. All of them. So let’s begin again.

It’s April 9, 2015. It’s Thursday and it is a holiday.  Topper and I spent a part of this morning in a coffee shop in Shangri-La.  He studied while I agonised over passwords i couldn’t remember. I am such a klutz with passwords. Who needs passwords?  Why can’t  computers  give up the passwords when it senses the owner struggling with guesses?  Thank God we had a popular shop upstairs that fixed my dilemma.  Next disaster, our wifi stick had a password I also could not remember. Topper couldn’t log in, couldn’t access his bilingual dictionary.   Lesson learned , use very easy passwords. Stop imagining that access is so precious  that sharing is not allowed. Just put very easy passwords.

At home, all is quiet. There are no passwords at home. What’s my next challenge?

Homeschool in a Reunion…

    Family reunions are priceless occasions to reconnect, meet new relatives, revive memories, remember departed ones, see what’s up ahead for the new generations. What reunion is thought of as useless anyway? But I think what normally goes on is that people are told about reunions, given dates to save, given costs or fees to pay and then are expected to just pop us and contribute fun.   It takes quite a planner to organize a precious event, put people together, propose a program, keep people informed. It is a monumental task indeed. If you want to put more depth into one. It can be done. But you need time, lots of heads thinking and contributing, lots of people involved. The recent reunions we had were very precious ones…yet it can always grow better.

     Perhaps in the next year/s to follow, I shall oblige my homeschooler to help organize the proposed reunion to happen again. Let’s see how things will swing! But for sure, it will happen, IF, a reunion is contemplated on. After all, people do save up, go on leave of absences, and travel all the way back to the country. It is quite an effort for those living outside the mother country. So now, for those already in the venue country, perk up and do the leg work. Let’s see. Let us make it more than just special.

     Don’t ever forget, in our last reunion, despite the cheery atmosphere of reuniting with one another, there’s the air of sadness where the elderly are progressing into their condition called ‘alz.’ It’s sad to not be recognized anymore. It’s sad to not be able to hear their contribution to stories. It’s sad to see the younger, newer members of families not be able to connect to what older members know. It’s sad not to see family history in family reunions. All family reunions have priceless history to be told and retold. Don’t let it stop.

     I now remember when I was a little girl. I would occasionally meet elderly members of my mother’s of father’s family, watch them recall stories, hear them recall names I hardly know, see them laugh and even try to  include me in their laughter like I know what they are talking about! I just sit there, and stare with a fascinated daze, in my mind, “what are you people talking about?”   No I do not want my children to be like me, like that! 

     Each person has a story to tell. Each story has a relevant role into  the family’s total history. If any one  person goes unrecognized, unheard, then the facts of history, the story is not complete. And this thins out the family history. Who knows what substantial stories we do not know since our grandparents’ time? But they were born during Dr. Jose Rizal’s time period. They were there! And we do not know much! 

     If we exert a little more effort towards garnishing family reunions, perhaps our homeschoolers would appreciate their Social Studies subjects more.  This is not an imposition. These are just my thoughts. There’s a lot of Civics in family reunions. We might as well discover things in depth.