Here’s The Inevitable…or so they say…we can fight this! NO TO ALZHEIMER!


This is not to scare any of us. This is to warn us! It is really happening. Daddy has a sister who has it…clear as day…she does not know us anymore! Hindi si Aunt Fido ok! Aunt Fido keeps herself busy… Aunt Estring, does she have it? Medically , it has to be declared before we conclude. But we ALL have the symptoms! Go to the link first before reading on.

When I was small and younger, because I am still small but older, I remember relatives calling elderly names like ‘ulyanin’ ‘nagbabata’ na. In English, ulyanin is simply forgetting what is supposed to be the unforgettable daily things of life. Nagbabata is second childhood. That is regression towards infantile behavior, characteristic of bed bound, really old folks. It is a behavior, but not a medical condition. We do not become infants again. He He!

From the list of the 10 symptoms of creeping alz, which one have you experienced often? I am guilty of 3 symptoms already! #1,5,7 No sh……..!  So what will I do? List down those 3, and be proactive. The nature is described, so do what you need to to contradict its’ onset. In one of the three, about colors, I am not sure if it’s a symptom or I have color difficulty. Up to now, i confuse pink with orange,et al…I do not like other colors but black…Chris says I have color blindness,mild lang…black is easy to tell…but other colors, we argue.

This makes it very very hard when buying make up. It has always been ate Bu who has bought for me because I always choose wrong. Ate Sandy gives me too, but I find that the colors do not agree with me, and it’s because I do not see the colors right. Ha ha ha ha!

So, when I buy lipstick,  for example, I choose the wrong one, ALWAYS! To my sight, it is right. But Chris is ever so honest to tell me , it is not right!

How about you?

Check out the symptoms and see how you can fight it. Walang ulyanin sa probinsya noon kasi lahat sila nagtratrabaho sa bukid. Busy ang mga isip nila, busy sila. Huwag tayo magpapakulong sa malungkot na mundo ng ‘Alzheimer.’